Vacatcy – Postal Museum Puss

What do you do when your cat gets more media attention than you? Do you quietly lap it up? Or hiss and spit with green-eyed envy? Honestly, Buster thinks he’s the cat’s whiskers. Not only has he set up his own page (on MY website!) but he’s also applied for a job at the newly opened Postal Museum in London. And me-ow, would you believe it? They’ve only given him a litter-ary award for The Best Paw-sonal Statement! Purr-iceless.

Following the sad demise of the great Tibs (rest his soul), the museum team are looking for feline pin-ups to be Postal Museum Cat of the month. So Buster gave it a shot. His original cat-pplication wasn’t exactly successful, it has to be said. He didn’t even make the shortlist. If only he’d stopped trying to eat the blue GPO cap we so carefully made, things might have gone better….  Counselling followed and eventually the caterwauling stopped. But it wouldn’t surprise me if, when my back is turned, he tries to re-apply. You really can’t block Buster.

The search for PMCs is ongoing. So get your cat-pplications in and download the famous hat here. Then post a photo on Twitter or Facebook. Go on. One click of the mouse is all it takes …


Dear Postal Museum,

This is Buster, again. (I’m typing fast while the pesky author is out.) As you can see, the cap fits and I’m wearing it.  I swear on the almighty GPO (the Great Purring One, also known as Tibs the Terrific) that I will never, ever, eat my hat again. Purr-omise. Please can I re-apply for your PMC vacatcy?

As you already know, I am an excellent mouser and make ‘special deliveries’ on a daily basis. Despite the regrettable hat incident, I do pride myself on my appearance and always wear a tuxedo and white spats, both on and off duty. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t get my paws dirty. I’m not called Buster Gut for nothing.

At least seven of my nine lives are intact (the other two involve a hairy story) which means I can extract myself from most tricky situations. Your underground tunnels with oncoming trains should pose no problem.

My office skills are second to none. In my current post as publishing assistant to a children’s author I have been known to delete entire chapters when necessary. (This is achieved simply by sitting on the keyboard.) I have also inserted a cat character in her latest novel. He is called Odin, named after a Norse god. Though minor, his contribution may have blockbuster results and will further the cause of cat-kind in ways that cannot be imagined.

Are you purr-suaded? Better call Buster.

PS I am nothing to do with the Great Train Robbery. I can supply refurences, if necessary. Signing off in haste.


Busting to hear from you …

Buster hunting …