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Once upon a time…

This book arrived by magic; like a mysterious parcel left on my doorstep. As I began writing I wondered where the words were coming from. It was as if the wind was blowing them into my head… I asked Jack about it (you’ll meet him shortly) and he said I obviously sent them to myself! I told him that was impossible – unless you could somehow grow wings, fly to the future and use a time telephone to dictate the whole lot back at yourself. For some reason, that made him smile.

There’s another explanation, of course, and it’s the one I much prefer. I think the book was sent by a Magus, the most powerful kind of magician that ever lived. Jack believes in them. So do I. Maybe by the end of the story, you will too… In fact, it’s quite possible there’s a Magus watching and waiting for you right now. And it wouldn’t surprise me if he decides to show you a story that’s several shades different from the one in my head. But that’s how it’s meant to be. That is part of the magic. The words blew into my world and when they leave the page they are yours…


Time to step into the world of The Mirror of Pharos – what would you like to do?

You can dive straight in and begin reading. (We’ll add more chapters closer to publication.) Or you can meet Jack and the other main characters? Or find out about the illustrator and how she helped them leap off the page. Or discover some of the real-world inspiration that lies behind the story. For a hint of what’s in store there’s also a blurb describing the novel.