A tribute to London the wolf

Sad news and a heartfelt howl to all wolf lovers around the world. London, my dear adopted wolf, has died. He reached the fine old age of 16 before slipping away on September 4 at Wolf Haven International in Washington State. Despite living on the other side of the ocean (not far from another London), I’m in mourning. I’m going to miss the connection I had with this majestic creature who touched many lives and became an ambassador for all wolf kind. Read more

Orfordness Lighthouse – farewell

It had to happen in 2020, of course – the year that reminded everyone just how fleeting and precious our presence is on this extraordinary planet. While the coronavirus sent us scurrying into lockdown, the North Sea continued its march to the front door of a much-loved building –  the Orfordness Lighthouse. Now it’s time to say farewell. The demolition crane is in place. One of Suffolk’s most beautiful landmarks is being dismantled before the waves can claim it. Read more

Valentine’s Day, Lupercalia and the wolf

Did you know Valentine’s day has its roots in an ancient festival that celebrated the primal power of the wolf.  Aroooo… Yes, that was a happy Valentines howl! May the wolf be with you. Read more

Funny signposts – a guide by Santa’s little helper

Father Christmas will soon be dashing through the snow, but will he really be ‘laughing all the way’? When I last checked my collection of street names, I found a few twists and turns where he’ll need every ounce of concentration he can muster. Jingle Bells, that merry old song we love so much, makes it sound easy. But I’m telling you, he better watch out or he could end up in a right old ding dong … with a brick wall. Read more

Where the foxgloves grow

This week I received a visitation – a delegation, you could call it. When I opened my front door, there they were; a line of sprites sheltering from the rain under the thatched roof. Tall and spikey fellows, wearing gloves of pink and cream, they nodded their heads in unison, as if agreeing on some secret plan. Read more

Buster and The Postal Museum wall of fame

Pssst. Friends, humans, feline followers. Oy, you lot! Listen up. It’s me – Buster – former Head Mouser to The Postal Museum. Read more

A wolf called London

What’s the best gift you can give a true wolf lover? The white wolf gazing out at you with those striking amber eyes is called London. Now 13 years old, he was once destined for the movie industry in California. With his snowy coat and wildly handsome features, it’s easy to see why. A more majestic creature you could not find. Read more

Light of inspiration: Orfordness

It’s impossible not to be inspired by the Orfordness Lighthouse. Always a friendly presence, it stands like a lone giant on a bleak stretch of shingle near the village of Orford in Suffolk. The fact that after more than 200 years of service it’s now perilously close to destruction with the sea eroding the beach around it, only adds to the wild beauty and charisma of the place. Despite the removal of the lamp following decommissioning, it’s still a wonderful symbol of hope and light. Read more

Review in Salad Days

The leaping sprites on the cover of Salad Days match my mood perfectly! What a delight to see The Mirror of Pharos featured in the autumn edition of this brilliant magazine. Read more

Image: Pixabay

Harnessing butterflies – festival fun

It has been a year of firsts with milestones zipping by since the publication of The Mirror of Pharos. My first launch, blog tour, interviews and school visits have kept me pumped with excitement – and produced enough adrenalin to power a rocket ship to Mars! Read more