Vacatcy – Postal Museum Puss

What do you do when your cat gets more media attention than you? Do you quietly lap it up? Or hiss and spit with green-eyed envy? Honestly, Buster thinks he’s the cat’s whiskers. Not only has he set up his own page (on MY website!) but he’s also applied for a job at the newly opened Postal Museum in London. And me-ow, would you believe it? They’ve only given him a litter-ary award for The Best Paw-sonal Statement! Purr-iceless. Read more

Review by ‘The Bookbag’

‘A perfect combination for a children’s book with strong and believable characters and an exciting and unpredictable plot … It kept me turning those pages, unable to guess what was going to happen next … a wonderful mix of magic and reality that reminds me of the early books in the Harry Potter series.’ Read more