A supernatural treat for Halloween

Happy Halloween! What’s it to be – trick or treat?  There’s no contest for me on this supernatural day. It’s treats all the way because The Mirror of Pharos has arrived at last!

There’s nothing more life-affirming for an author than to hold the finished book in her hands. And the timing could not be more fitting. The Mirror of Pharos begins in the autumn with blustery winds that have a supernatural source. One blink from a pair of brooding amber eyes is all it takes for the yellow leaves to fall and a storm to blow up.

Autumn is my favourite season and has been since childhood. Apples, blackberries, pumpkins … Nature’s colourful grand finale always makes me feel elated. The smell of ploughed earth, the prospect of bonfires and the chance to kick up the leaves are definitely part of it.  And that strange tinge of melancholy that comes with misty mornings and shortening days …

It’s time to sit around the fire and listen to a fabulous tale. Don’t expect this one to be all sugar and spice. It has its own ghostly streak with a large helping of spine-tingling twists and turns. Twelve-year-old Jack and his best friend Charlie are in for a bumpy ride.  The lighthouse Jack visits may look like a red and white candy cane but a surprise awaits at the top of its spiral staircase.

So a drum roll, please … I’m delighted to announce that the book is now officially in stock. If you’d like a signed copy click here.

Please support independent publishing by buying the paperback either directly from me or the publisher, Troubador, or your indie bookstore, including Hart’s Books in Saffron Walden. The ebook is available on Kindle via Amazon.

It’s here – just in time for Halloween!