Writing a blockbuster

Nan’s long-suffering black and white cat, Odin, needs every one of his nine lives in The Mirror of Pharos.  And for that he can thank his real-life twin, Buster.  He sits by me every day as I work (usually on my desk) and I’ve discovered he has literary ambitions of his own.

Whenever I leave my study to make a cup of tea he leaps straight onto my chair and, if he’s in the mood, he continues writing the story.  I’m not joking.  Several times during crucial moments of the drama I returned to find a page of what looked like gobbledegook.  Once, to my horror, he deleted an entire chapter.  It obviously wasn’t up to scratch.

His artistic talents don’t stop there.  He can play the piano too, always a bit eerily, and usually late at night.  For some reason he prefers the bass notes. Here he is creating his O-pus!

And one of his greatest tricks of all; he can open doors.  Not just the kind with handles, but more difficult ones with latches.

Nope.  You can’t block Buster.  When he’s out and about I suspect he gets up to far more than anyone realises … biker cat

I just hope he is as careful as his streetwise cousin in Dartford … cat using a zebra crossing.

Buster is a magical creature in his own right, always immaculately dressed in a white bib and tucker and four white socks.  Unlike Odin, who has a fiery streak and is named after a Norse storm god, he is lazy and a bit fat.

Okay, a lot fat!  But it has just occurred to me that when he deletes chapters and inserts his own gobbledegook he has a secret plan … He is making Odin’s story line as exciting and scary as possible to create the superhero cat he wants to be.

Well, if he wants to create a blockbuster, that’s fine by me!

Buster when he was just a nipper.