A wolf for World Book Day

What’s the best surprise you can give an author on World Book Day? Maggie Cole knows the answer. When the snow thawed and the big day finally arrived, she went into school dressed as Alpha the wolf from The Mirror of Pharos!

Maggie loves wolves and for the full effect, she sprayed her long hair grey. According to mum Karen, she left a sparkly trail wherever she went. That, of course, is just what you’d expect from a magical creature associated with a Magus (a special kind of time traveller).

Maggie is ten years old and a writer herself. Below is her fabulous review of The Mirror of Pharos which she posted on Karen’s blog. I was thrilled to read it and will be sharing more comments from young readers soon. (If you’ve read the story, why not send me a message via my Contact Us page.)

A wide range of adult and children’s fiction is reviewed on Karen’s blog which goes by the brilliant name of Hair Past A Freckle. It’s a funny phrase Maggie’s grandfather was fond of saying when people asked the time. What could be more appropriate for a blog about books? Storytime can’t be measured in normal hours and minutes. It’s timeless. Hours seem to pass in an instant and you become so immersed you lose track of where you are and what’s going on around you.

Alpha knows all about that kind of ‘nowhen’. And in order for Jack, the hero, to become a Magus, he must find a way to access it too. As for Maggie, our magnificent mascot, I look forward to reading her stories and being transported to that special place that lies ‘in between the doors of time’.

Good luck, Maggie the Magus. May your writing be forever wild and wolfish!


Maggie’s Review

‘This thrilling page-turner is absolutely awesome! The author has a brilliant style of writing and kept me addicted to The Mirror of Pharos throughout the whole book. Jack is just an ordinary boy who is trying to get on with his difficult life. He is bullied at school, and lives with his Nan since his parents died. He doesn’t expect a package in his own handwriting and he certainly doesn’t expect the adventure ahead of him!

At the start of this book, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Jack but before long he became one of my favourite characters. He’s very kind to most people and he becomes brave as the story goes on. The mysterious eyes of a certain wolf named Alpha follow Jack as he gets closer to the truth. As a lover of wolves, I was very fond of Alpha and loved the way he was described. I am very pleased Alpha wasn’t a pet but a stunning wild creature. Whether speeding through the past or into the future, Jack wasn’t going to give up. The writing painted pictures into my mind and I could imagine just what happened almost as if I was there. I loved the twists that were right under my nose and the sense of danger.

I recommend this to children and adults who love mysteries and adventure! I’d rate this five out of five for the clever plot and brilliant characters.’

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Thank you, Maggie! Hey, wait a minute …
Without your wolf costume, you remind me of another character …
Here’s Charlie wolfing down one of Nan’s magical cookies.
(Illustration by Amanda Pike)