Where the foxgloves grow

This week I received a visitation – a delegation, you could call it. When I opened my front door, there they were; a line of sprites sheltering from the rain under the thatched roof. Tall and spikey fellows, wearing gloves of pink and cream, they nodded their heads in unison, as if agreeing on some secret plan. Read more

Buster and The Postal Museum wall of fame

Pssst. Friends, humans, feline followers. Oy, you lot! Listen up. It’s me – Buster – former Head Mouser to The Postal Museum. Read more

A wolf called London

What’s the best gift you can give a true wolf lover? The white wolf gazing out at you with those striking amber eyes is called London. Now 13 years old, he was once destined for the movie industry in California. With his snowy coat and wildly handsome features, it’s easy to see why. A more majestic creature you could not find. Read more